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About the Author

Bart Casey is a writer living in Brattleboro, Vermont. His passion is uncovering great stories from forgotten history.


His new thriller novel, The Vavasour Macbeth, will be published in print, audiobook, and ebook editions on May 7, 2019.  Blending fiction with little-known facts and academics in an easy style, the story serves up an intoxicating brew of ancient history and modern danger as papers found in an Elizabethan tomb shed new light on Shakespeare and his masterpiece Macbeth.


Forgotten stories are also at the heart of Bart's recent non-fiction books, Anne Vavasour and Sir Henry Lee (ebook 2019), Wonder Seekers of Fountaingrove (2018: co-authored with Gaye LeBaron), and The Double Life of Laurence Oliphant (2015-6, selected for Best Books of 2016 by Kirkus Reviews).  

Many of Bart’s interests were shaped by growing up in England, majoring in English literature at Harvard, and studying at the University of Vermont for a teaching career before abandoning academia for a career in advertising and writing.  

Now Bart is working on Shooting Stars, a sequel novel to The Vavasour Macbeth in which the same modern-day characters follow in the footsteps of Byron, Keats and the Shelleys around post-Napoleonic Switzerland and Italy.

You can reach Bart with the Contact Form on this site, or by e-mail directly to